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Recruitment Information
Title: Market Commissioner
Job description: network promotion and sales
Conditions of service:
(1) have a certain interest in yacht and yacht wharf industry, and are willing to devote themselves to them.
(2) be cheerful, positive, and have a sense of teamwork.
(3) have good communication and coordination ability, have certain internet promotion experience;
(4) fluent Mandarin, and a good command of all kinds of office software, CAD good contact;
(5) the relevant experience is preferred;
(6) college and above.
< two > welder (3)
Conditions of service:
(1) holding welders card;
(2) the welder of aluminum alloy and steel structure is preferred.
(3) the experienced person is preferred;
(4) be able to endure hardships and hardships.
"Three" accounting / Accountant (1)
Requirements for office:
1. College degree or above in finance and accounting, holding an accounting certificate;
2, with more than two years of relevant professional experience;
3, familiar with the processing of accounting statements, accounting regulations and tax laws, and skilled use of Kingdee, UF and other financial software;
4. Be able to use Excel and use all kinds of functions skillfully.
5. It has good learning ability, independent work ability and financial analysis ability.
6, meticulous work, strong sense of responsibility, good communication ability and team spirit.
7, familiar with the accounting standards and relevant financial and tax legal knowledge, love the job and respect the job, objective and fair, and keep the secret.
8. also: Zhuhai settlers or local people preferred
1, basic salary: negotiable;
2, provide the dorm (part of the post);
3, provide meal supplement;
4, buy social security: five;
5, bonus at the end of the year
If you are interested, you can deliver your resume to vip@numberonemarine.com
Contact: Liu Xiaojie
Office phone: 0756-3356665


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